MacEwan  was born in the Isle of Skye ( Scotland) in the second half ofthe 1980’s: his father was a Scotsman, his mother Italian.

MacEwan has also not specified links with Finland.

He is average height, has dark hair and eyes.

Sometimes he is generically described as an “informatic researcher”, but to state precisely he is a scholar in “Sociology of the Network”.

He was a professor for a short time, but he spend the most of his time as aresearcher, supported by the University of Edinburgh.

He investigates the network, studies movements and groups, behaviours and crimes, mysteries and conspiracies.

He works mainly on his computers at home, on the Highlands, in a secret place (secret because he is menaced each time he reveals information aboutclandestine groups and movements): someone supposes he could live in theIsle of Skye itself, but there is no evidence of this.

But he is not only a desktop-man. The most of the astonishing results of his investigations are obtained because MacEwan goes around, observes, meets people: this is the maindifference among him and his less successful colleagues, and this importance given to action makes the difference in the digital age.

When he investigatess he uses his powerful computer called”PowerX”, a top-level machine he empowered with any sort of secret devices and chips, otherwise used only by governments and secret agents. Images are displayed by “Screenglasses”. None knows why and how he obtains all theseequipments. He takes always with him his faithful Colt Laserbeam, a weapon he is able to use skilfully.

His sentimental life is often covered by silence, but we suppose he had arelationship with the blonde Finnish Lieutenant Kaija Hämäläinen. Other relationships are reported in “Cybersphynx” and in “Ghostbreaking”.